Calumet – Spiritpipes®: Real craftsmanship awaits you in our pipe shop!

We come from an area that has been known for its productive forests for centuries, the Siegerland. For our co-designers, it was therefore obvious to work with the natural product wood. The idea of getting the best out of this sustainable material motivates us again and again.

With the support of many local people, a production output was achieved that resulted in the founding of Calumet Spiritpipes in 2015. In the meantime, we also supply pipe lovers as well as wholesalers and retailers far beyond Germany. The longevity of the products is a particular concern for us. We therefore pay particular attention to precision during production. This guarantees that the pure wood joints always fit together exactly and are airtight.

Each of our precious wood pipes is made directly in our workshop, which means that we always have the material and manufacturing quality under control – from the first to the last hand movement. In this way, we ensure that we meet our high standards of quality and sustainability. That is the unique spirit of Calumet.

3-pin system

The worldwide unique 3-pin system of Calumet – Spiritpipes® enables thorough and uncomplicated cleaning. The flute is well protected from dirt by the filter. All commercially available 9m activated carbon filters fit into the incorporated chamber. This means that every Calumetpipe can be smoked in continuous use practically indefinitely.

Pfeifengeschäft mit einzigartigem Stecksystem


Over 200 German and numerous international retailers now count on our products. If you would also like to offer one or the other Spiritpipe in your shop, you can contact us here.

Händlerinfo zu unserem Pfeifengeschäft


Each Calumet – Spiritpipe® is prepared for use with an activated carbon filter for an even smoother smoking experience. As we manufacture the Spiritpipes entirely from wood, we can guarantee a sustainable use of raw materials. The cleaning of the Spitritpipes is uncomplicated and quick thanks to the 3-pin system. The high-quality wood provides the necessary robustness and gives each Spiritpipe its unique character and taste.

In unserem Pfeifengeschäft kann man das einmalige Stecksystem bewundern.

3-pin system

Wir verkaufen in unserem Pfeifengeschäft die Aktivkohlefilter von Gizeh.

Activated carbon filter

Unser Pfeifengeschäft ist auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgelegt.


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