Pollutant-free pipe filter made of activated carbon


  • Brand product from GIZEH
  • Pack of 10 filters
  • Reduces the level of pollutants in the smoke
  • Fits any of our pipes with 8mm filter chamber

Due to its huge surface area, the activated charcoal is able to absorb large amounts of harmful condensates, which pleasantly cools down the smoke and allows significantly fewer harmful substances to enter the respiratory tract. As a result, every puff tastes pleasantly mild without compromising the effect. Our experience and our tests have shown that more filtration always puts less strain on the lungs, but does not impair the effect. The purified activated carbon inside the filters is produced on the basis of coconut shells – a renewable raw material. The ceramic caps at both ends have seven holes each and ensure optimal draft resistance.

Weight 0,012 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 0,7 cm
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