The Bio Flame natural pipe lighter


  • For a more pleasant, relaxed smoking experience
  • 100 % natural and environmentally friendly
  • Made in Germany
  • Label made from 100 % recycled paper
  • Length: 4,20m

BioFlame – The natural lighter made from beeswax and hemp fibres for pipes, cigars and smoking products of all kinds. Thanks to its flexible shape, it is also ideal for safely lighting gas cookers, fireplaces, incense and candles in hard-to-reach places such as deep vessels, as well as for countless other household and leisure applications. The BioFlame ignition cord made of hemp is the natural alternative to butane gas lighters and sulphur-containing matches. The hemp wicks are coated with natural beeswax and therefore waterproof. Therefore, the fuse is perfect for outdoor activities in very high humidity.

Weight 0,012 kg
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