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Clean your wooden pipe properly - We answer all your questions about smoking a pipe!

If you have any further questions, you can always ask Rico via our contact page.

FAQ Kopf durchbrennen

Do the heads burn out over time?

After smoking, the wood forms a natural protective layer of charcoal. This protects the wood underneath from further burning. You just have to be careful not to remove the layer completely when cleaning. If it does happen, we offer a comprehensive repair and replacement service for all products.

How often do you have to change the filters?

Every three to five heads. (see instructions)

FAQ Made in Germany

Where are the pipes produced?

All Calumetpipes are manufactured in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Do filters other than those from GIZEH fit in the pipes?

Yes, all standard 8mm activated carbon filters such as: Purize, Dr. Pearl, ActiTube etc.

FAQ Sauber machen

How do you get them properly clean again?

For hygienic cleaning, we recommend dabbing the bores and the mouthpiece with a cotton swab and a small drop of disinfectant after dry cleaning (approx. every 20 heads).

Are the pipes painted?

No, all our products are treated exclusively with linseed oil.

FAQ Leinöl
FAQ Haltbarkeit

How long can a pocket pipe be smoked?

With proper care and cleaning, the pipe practically lasts a lifetime. Similar to “grandpa’s pipe”.

Where do the different woods come from?

The cherry and beech wood, like most of the wood we use, comes from our region. Olive and amaranth wood is sourced from German traders with FSC certification (origin South America).

FAQ FSC Nachhaltig
FAQ Aktivkohlefilter

Can you smoke the pipes without a filter?

Yes, of course they also work without a filter, but we do not recommend this because of condensation.

Do the types of wood different tastes?

Yes, each type of wood has its own fine note. Beech slightly woody, plum, cherry and pear very slightly sweetish, olive fruity tart, amaranth and maple sweetish.

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